Royal – Stock Pot Stove (RSP-18D-36)

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S/S Front and Sides

Heavy Duty 3 Ring Burners rated at 90,000 BTU/hr.

total (RSP series)

Casters, set of 4 (2 locking).

Casters, set of 6 (3 locking).

Additional black stock pot top grate.

Top to stainless steel.

Additional stainless steel 13” or 15”Wok Top.

Upgrade to 32 tip Jet Burner.

S/S Ring to fit on top of Top Grate.

Model, Burners, Total BTU, Dimension (W x D x H)
RSP-18D-36, (2) 3 Ring Burner, 180.000, 18”x42”x36”


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