Royal Fryer – Floor Standing (RFT-60)

High quality heavy gauge Stainless Steel Tank.Fryer 60lb Cast Iron burners (tube design) engineered for maximum efficiency. Flame stays within the tube to heat the oil instead of escaping out the flue, wasting energy. No additional flue assembly in the field, ready to install. Open base construction provides better airflow allowing gas to burn cleaner for better combustion. Designed so that baskets of food product sit lower in cooking oil. More product cooked equates to more profit! Tube fired design (RFT Models) has faster recovery for high volume cooking.

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■ All stainless steel front and sides
■ 50 lb capacity stainless steel tank assembly
■ 25 lb capacity stainless steel tank assembly
■ Frying Area: 14” x 14” (RFT-50), 6¾” x 14” (RFT-25)
■ Cast iron burners rated at 38,000 BTU/hr each
■ Millivolt control system with 100% safety
shut off
■ Thermostatic control with 200º – 400º F range
■ Twin fry baskets with plastic coated handles for
ease of handling
■ 1¼” full port drain valve
■ 6” high adjustable heavy duty legs
■ Five year limited (prorated) warranty on S/S tank
■ DS – Dump Station

Model,Burners,Oil Capacity(LBS),Total BTU,Dimension (W x D x H)
RFT-60 ,(4) 38.000 BTU, 60 ,152.000 ,191/2”x301/2”x 36+93/4”


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