Roller Grill – Gyros Grills /Kebab Machine (GR-40E)

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The electric gyros grill GR 40 E enables you to cook a spit of kebab or gyros meat of 15 kg thanks to 3 heating elements with independant regulation of full or half-power. Thefire stones behind the heating elements enables to accumulate the heat on the meat to be cooked.

To cook the meat evenly, you can move the pilaster and heat source and regulate each zone to adjust the cooking to the height and diameter of the carrot-shaped piece of meat. The spit is easy to place with one hand only.

The bottom plate is fully hermetic: the motor is protected fromany infiltration of fat or juice of meat. Mounted on ball-bearings, it does neither bear the weight of the meat nor the user’s strong handling: it isprotected from any torsion.

Fitted with a large stamped juice collector with a removable drip ray for an easy cleaning.

Features : on/off switch, a spit, heating elements, fire stones, pilot lights. Delivered without any accessory.

A wide range of accessories available by Roller Grill.


 Model, Capacity, Voltage, Electical Loading, Dimension (W x D X H) mm

GR-40E, 15 kg, 240 V / 1PH, 3.6 kW, 580 x 660 x 695


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