Roller Grill Griddle (PSR-900E)

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Specific steel griddle plate ( 900 mm long and 10 mm deep) to cook meat, bacon, fish, hamburgers, sausages, onions… and also for fried eggs and omelettes. 3 independant cooking areas.
Quick temperature rising to 300°C. Healthy and fast cooking with the mirror smooth plate for a direct temperature transfer. Perfect homogeneous cooking without any loss of heat thanks to the Incoloy heating elements.
Easy cleaning: juice and grease draining in the removable drip tray.
Features : 3 spiral heating elements, 3 Commutators thermostats 0 – 300°C, 3 pilot lights, 3 thermostatic pilot lights. Stainless steel construction and reinforced insulation.

Steel cooking plate (10 mm deep). Quick temperature rising to 300°C. Homogeneous cooking on the whole plate thanks to spiral heating elements. The steel surrounding with incorporated drip tray is entirely removable (patented) for an easy cleaning of the plate. Stainless steel construction and reinforced isolation. Electric version : 3 spiral heating elements, 3 on/off switches, 0 – 300°C thermostats, pilot lights, thermostatic pilot lights.

The PSR900E griddle is built around a specific 10mm thick steel plate giving a solid cooking platform for cooking burgers sausages bacon fried eggs etc. The smooth steel plate gives direct heat transfer to your food making the cooking process quicker and healthier. The welded steel wall on sides and rear of the plate gives a secure area to cook and hold your food. The Incoloy heating elements are designed give even heat across the plate to there are no cold spots. Features 3 heating zones power on light front opening drainage drawer.


Model ,Voltage ,Electical Loading,Dimension (W x D X H) mm
PSR-900E, 400V / 3PH ,9 kW ,920 x 450 x 190

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