Roller Grill – Glass Ceramic Contact Grill -Single (Panini Lisse VC)

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The vitroceramic contact-grill Panini VC is the ideal equipment for each point of food intrain or subway stations, airports, shopping malls etc.  The ceramic chamber “Turbo heat”  under each plate (glass > 500°C) gives anhomogene contact cooking with less power. The vitro ceramic contact-grill ensures a cooking without any smoke and can be used without any extractor.

Fast temperature rising in 12 seconds thanks to the vitroceramic chamber: 3 panini in 2 minutes, namely 90 panini per hour !

The vitroceramic contact-grill is also meant for comfort and security use: a lever system for a non-stop use without any tension of the upper plate. The front of the upper plate avoids the shock between 2 plates when the contact-grill is closed.

Counter-balanced top plate for an even cooking, what ever the size of the product by adjusting the height of the plate.

Easy cleaning: with a wet sponge on cooking surfaces after use; grease or juice draining in a removable drip tray.

Features: 0-400°C thermostat, on/off switch, pilot light, removable drip tray. Delivered with top grooved plate, flat bottom plate.


Model,  Voltage, Electical Loading ,Dimension (W x D X H) mm

Panini Lisse VC, 240V / 1PH, 1.5 kW, 420 x 620 x 240


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