Roller Grill – Fryer – Floor Standing (RF14DS)

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Designed for the fast food market the RF14DS is a powerful double tank fryer. Each tank features 3 independent elements offering a unique power selection facility – 4kw for holding oil temperature 8kw for frying fresh foods 12kw for frying frozen foods. The RF14DS gives you flexible peformance without wasting energy. Features 2 x 14ltr baskets or 4 x 7ltr baskets; removeable element packs for ease of cleaning. Safety feature – all controls at the front of the unit including safety thermostat reset button.

Model, Tank Capacity, Voltage, Electical Loading, Dimension (W x D X H) mm
RF14DS, 2 x 14 litres, 400 V / 3PH, 2 x 12 kW, 805 x 655 x 970


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