Roller Grill – Crepe Machine – Single (CSE400)

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The electric crepemachine CSE 400 is fitted out with an enamelled cast-iron plate (Ø400 mm) for delicious, moist, golden pancakes, buckwheat cakes, Indian tempura, Indonesian chapatti, blini and more. Also popular in Asian cuisine to prepare Peking duck.

The enamelled cast-iron plate is perfectly smooth for a real contact cooking ensuring adirect temperature transfer: by slightly greasing the plate between each pancake or crepe, you will get a perfectly honeycombed light andgolden crepe with no caramelization or glazing!

Substantial energy saving: cook your crepes at only 200°C instead of240°C as generally recommended onpure cast-iron plates !

Time saving and a perfect efficiency for an excellent cooking result: cook your crepe in 1 min instead of 2’30:60 crepes / h instead of 26 till 30 on singlecrepe machine.

   – Precise regulation of temperature and homogeneous transfer of temperature thanks to the thermostat andthe spiral heating element directed molded into the cast-iron plate and fixed with 2 counter-plates and insulatingmaterial.

Easy cleaning: Get rid of the weekly seasoning thanks to our enamelled cast-iron plate ! Just wipe with a sponge after using your spatula: your plate is ready for a new working day !

Features: Incoloy heating element, commutator, pilot light. Delivered with a wooden spreader.


Model, Plate Diameter,  Voltage, Electical Loading ,Dimension (W x D X H) mm

CSE400, 400mm, 240V / 1PH, 3.0 kW, 450 x 500 x 240


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