Roller Grill – Crepe Machine – Double (CDE350)

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The electric crepemachine CDE 350 is fitted out with 2 enamelled cast-iron plates (2 x Ø350 mm) with independant control of cooking areas. Ideal equipment for delicious, moist, golden pancakes, buckwheat cakes, Indian tempura, Indonesian chapatti, blini and more. Also popular in Asian cuisine to prepare Peking duck.

The enamelled cast-iron plate is perfectly smooth for a real contact cooking ensuring a direct temperature transfer: by slightly greasing the plate between each pancake or crepe, you will get a perfectly honeycombed light andgolden crepe with no caramelization or glazing!

Precise regulation of temperature and homogeneous transfer of temperature thanks to the thermostat and the spiral heating element underneath the cast-iron plate.

Easy cleaning: Get rid of the weekly seasoning thanks to our enamelled cast-iron plate ! Just wipe with a sponge after using your spatula: your plate is ready for a new working day !

Features: Incoloy heating elements, commutators, pilot lights. Delivered with a wooden spreader.


Model, Plate Diameter,  Voltage, Electical Loading ,Dimension (W x D X H) mm

CDE350, 350mm, 240V / 1PH, 3.0 kW, 860 x 500 x 240


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