Roller Grill – Convection Oven (FC-60TQ)

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Unique in catering, the multifunction oven FC 60 TQ GN 2/3 (container to put on the grid) associates convection, Turbo Quartz , top quartz grill salamander, ventilated bakery oven and defrosting.

The very compact multifunction oven FC 60 TQ is fitted with 5 seetings commutator :

Position 0 : on/off

Position 1 «Convection» : for an homogeneous cooking of different meals at the same time without taste or smell transmission.

Position 2 «Ventilated pastry oven » : ideal for pies, bread and pastries. The lower armoured heating element is running at full power. Thanks to the ventilation system, the heat is perfectly spread out throughout the baking chamber and also adjusted very accurately thanks to the bulb thermostat.

Position 3 «Turbo Quartz » : traditional oven associating top quartz and bottom armoured heating element to the ventilation system. To cook meat, fish, ready made dishes with 30% time saving as the Turbo Quartz system is increasing the inside temperature of about 30°C more.

Position 4 «Quartz grill» : ventilated salamander essential to brown, broil or glaze.

Equipement: thermostat 0-300°C, minuterie sonore 120′ avec position pour utilisation en continu, éclairage intérieur. Livré avec 4 grilles de cuisson 450 x 340 mm.


 Model,Capacity, Voltage, Electical Loading, Dimension (W x D X H) mm, Remarks

  FC-60TQ, 4 x 2/3 GN, 240V / 1PH, 3+2.7 kW, 470 x 370 x 350, comes with top bottom grill


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