Roller Grill – Convection Oven (FC-260)

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The convection oven FC 260 ( 26L ) is meant for cooking or reheating viennoiseries (croissants, chocolate buns, brioches…),pastries (tarts, cookies…), ready made dishes (lasagne, bakedpotatoes), fresh, frozen or pre-raised savouries, (puff pastries, pizza,quiche…).

The fan assisted with armoured heating element ensures a quick temperature rising (250°C in 7 ). This convection oven is especially recommended for baking pre-raised deep-frozen products:

• 18 raised frozen croissants in 16 min., th. 180°C

• 20 raised frozen rolls in 18 min., th. 220°C

• 18 fresh raised chocolate buns in 16 min., th. 200°C.

Features : thermostat (0-250°C), fan, a 120 min. timer and pilot lights. Supplied with 2 cooking grids, 1 pastry tray.


 Model, Voltage, Electical Loading, Dimension (W x D X H) mm

 FC-260, 240V / 1PH, 1.5 kW, 465 x 475 x 280


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