Roller Grill – Contact Grill -EXTRA Large -Single (Panini XL Lisse)

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Roller Grill gives you the cooking solution with the Panini XL 2 in 1 !

a) Contact-grill function : a panini machine already adopted by the great names of fast food business with an extra large cooking surface (360 x 360 mm) to bake up to 5 paninis a time for an optimum outlet: 130 paninis per hour!

b) Griddle plate function : worldwide known and appreciated for its quality of perfectly homogeneous cooking to fry very quickly fresh or deep-frozen steaks, hamburgers: 415 hamburgers per hour!

In its flat version, the bottom plate offers you a real teppaniaki cooking for your meat, seafood, vegetables, omelettes etc.

Strong construction especially studied for heavy duty use (safety device). Easy cleaning: draining thanks to the removable juice tray.

Features : . 4 settings cooking selector, precise bulb thermostat 0-300°C, thermosetting handles, drip tray and scraper for an easy cleaning. Delivered with 4 additional feet (H:100 mm, CE-UL/NSF).

Option: electronic timer 3 menus (Panini XLE).


Model,  Voltage, Electical Loading ,Dimension (W x D X H) mm

Panini XL Lisse, 240V / 1PH, 3.6 kW, 410 x 620 x 340


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