Roller Grill Ceramic Griddle Plate (PS 400 VC)

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The PS400VCL is built around our vitro ceramic infrared heating system to bring energy efficient cooking to your kitchen. By cutting the heat up times ( 230’C in 90 seconds) and halving the overall power this griddle can bring real savings to your business. The perfectly smooth glass plate gives direct heat transfer to your food making the cooking process quicker and healthier. Ideal for cooking fried eggs, omelettes, bacon etc.This unit is well styled for front of house use and the vitro-ceramic technology reduces smoke and smell. The welded steel wall on sides and rear of the plate gives a secure area to cook your food. Features 1 heating zone, power on light, front opening drainage drawer, flat ceramic plate.
The vitroceramic griddle plate PS 400 VC is mounted on a heating chamber which gives an homogeneous contact cooking with less power. The glass ceramic grill ensures a cooking without any smoke and can be used without any extractor.
Easy cleaning: with a wet sponge on cooking surfaces after use; grease or juice draining in a removable drip tray.
Features: 0-400°C thermostat, on/off switch, pilot light, removable drip tray.


Model ,Voltage ,Electical Loading,Dimension (W x D X H) mm
PS-400VC ,240V/ 1PH ,1.5kW ,420 x 420 x 150

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