Heavy Duty Gas Burners-Counter Top Royal

STANDARD FEATURES: ♦ Compact heavy gauge chassis for long life. ♦ Stainless steel sides, valve cover and plate ledge for easy cleaning. ♦ Double side panels for better insulation. ♦ 30,000 BTU cast iron burners featuring removable non-clog lift off heads with flat top design. ♦ Heavy cast iron 12” x 12” top grates with unique bowl design, level to the plate ledge so large pots are easily moved. ♦ Protected standing pilot for each burner to provide immediate safe ignition. ♦ Manual control for each burner. ♦ Full width removable crumb pan. ♦ 4” high adjustable heavy duty legs included.

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Description Model Total BTU Dimension (W x D x H) Remarks
1 Open Burner (12” width) RHP-12-1 30,000 12”x15 3/4”x14” w/optional s/s stand
2 Open Burner (12” width) RHP-12-2 60,000 12”x30 3/4”x14” w/optional s/s stand
2 Open Burner (24” width) RHP-24-2 60,000 24”x15 3/4”x14” w/optional s/s stand
4 Open Burner (24” width) RHP-24-4 120,000 24”x30 3/4”x14” w/optional s/s stand
6 Open Burner (36” width) RHP-36-6 180,000 36”x30 3/4”x14” w/optional s/s stand
8 Open Burner (48” width) RHP-48-8 240,000 48”x30 3/4”x14” w/optional s/s stand

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