Cecilware – Pizza Oven – 2 Deck (PO-22)

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The Cecilware PO22 single countertop pizza oven boasts a compact size and powerful heating elements, making it ideal for baking and finishing a variety of foods in your pizzeria, convenience store, bakery, or concession stand.

This Cecilware PO22 single countertop pizza oven has an adjustable thermostat up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit and includes a 15 minute timer. Two 21″ square, corderite ceramic baking decks with 3″ of clearance give you plenty of room to bake cookies and par-baked pizzas, or put the finishing touches on bread, pretzels, hot sandwiches, and more! A tubular heating element in the top of the oven and one beneath each baking deck evenly distribute heat to all of your delicious creations.


 Model, Voltage, Electical Loading, Chamber Dimension  (mm), Dimension (W x D x H) mm

PO-22, 240V / 1PH, 3.6 kW, 2 x (534 x 534 x 79) ,648 x 674 x 445


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