CECILWARE – Fryer – Counter Top (ELT-500)

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Increase the output of your most popular fried food with the Cecilware ELT-500 stainless steel countertop electric fryer! This electric fryer is made of heavy duty stainless steel to stand up to the rigors of every-day use, and its compact footprint means it can fit on almost any countertop. And thanks to its twin-well design, you can conserve energy by only using one well at a time.

The Cecilware ELT-500 electric deep fryer features automatic temperature controls and heavy duty heating elements with 11000 watts of power for fast reaction time and consistent heat. Its stainless steel tanks each hold up to 30 lbs. of fryer oil, and it is easily removable for cleaning and maintenance. For convenience, this unit ships with four fryer baskets.

The Cecilware ELT-500 stainless steel countertop electric deep fryer is CSA, UL, and NSF Listed. It must be hard-wired; it does not come with a cord and plug. Please consult the Manual for additional details. Choose voltage.

Model, Fat Capacity  , Voltage ,Electical Loading ,Dimension  (W x D X H) mm

ELT-500, 2 x 15 Ibs, 240V / 1PH, 11 kW, 648 x 521 x 470


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