Cecilware (EL1824) – 24″ Electric Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Griddle

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This 24″ Electric Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Griddle (EL1824) from Cecilware is a durable and versatile piece of equipment to have in your kitchen. Designed for heavy duty use, this electrically-operated griddle will last you an extended period of time due to its stainless steel construction. Equipped with controlled zone heating, this model has one heating element and temperature controller for each twelve inches of cooking surfaces. With uniform temperature distribution, this griddle will be able to handle any type of dish, from pancakes to sautéed vegetables to grilled sandwiches.

Stainless steel construction
Easy to clean
Electric operation
Controlled zone heating for effortless cooking
Built from stainless steel for durability
Heavy duty tubular incology metal sheath element for uniform temperature distribution


Description ,Model ,Voltage ,Electical Loading,Dimension (W x D X H) mm,Remarks
24” ,Griddle ,EL-1824 ,240V / 1PH ,8 kW ,610 x 572 x 346

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